Fancy Bar

I have this pup, and he's just grand,
But just won't listen to my command
Every time I throw the ball,
He won't come back when I call,

When I say "SIT", he's just so lazy,
And looks at me as if I'm crazy.

I know there's something I can do,
perhaps its time for doggie school.
Now.....where to to who????

Barkington Inn is the answer for you!!!!!!

-- Mary-Ellen Manko

"All I want is to make you happy - but I need a little 'help' to learn what I should do. My trainer at Barkington Inn makes learning fun and is very kind, understanding, and patient."

Let Barkington Inn help your pampered pooch become a calmer, more obedient dog. Every year thousands of dogs are euthanized due to behavioral problems that are easily fixed with proper training techniques and professional instruction.  Here is an excellent article on training: "A Tail of Obedience"

Our board-and-train and day camp training comes with a lifetime guarantee! If “refreshers” are needed, just call the trainer to make convenient arrangements.

We use only positive reinforcement and behavior modification. We believe there is no such thing as an un-trainable pet.

Our professional trainers offer several different packages to meet you and your pets needs.

Board-N-Train and Day Camp in house training come with a lifetime guarantee.

Beginner and Intermediate Obedience Training Classes

Private Lessons (one-on-one with the owner at Barkington or at your home.)

Puppy Socialization

Potty Training (In home only.)

Pet Counseling (Is this pet right for you?)

Call today to see which package is best for you and your pet!

Meet our trainer at Barkington I:  Jason Vasconi. 

Jason has 16 years experience helping families integrate their furry companions into their homes and family life. He strongly believes your dog should be a productive member of the family. His background in dog training ranges from basic to advanced obedience and personal protection.  The training programs he offers are tailored to both the dog and the dog's owners.  With Jason your training experience will be fun and rewarding.  Jason is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (ICAP) with a Professional classification membership. Jason networks throughout the year with other trainers in numerous continuing education classes and seminars.

To talk to Jason about the best training program for you and your dog, call us at 281-338-7297.

Training Descriptions:

Board -N-Train
     Day Camp
Your dog stays at Barkington Inn for 2-3 weeks and is trained 5 days a week by the instructor for 30 - 45 minutes.  Dogs stay at the facility overnight with Board-N-Train. With Day Camp, dogs are dropped off each morning and picked up each evening.  Dogs will learn all basic obedience commands. Owners are encouraged to come in at least once a week to work on training basics with the trainer (no extra cost.)  At the end of the stay, the owner is given a 30 minute private lesson before taking their dog home (no extra cost.)   Follow-up training is provided as needed.
Puppy Socialization Your puppy learns socialization skills.
Obedience Classes Classes last for one hour each week and each course runs 6 weeks.  Course topics differ depending on the level of training.  Each class has a limit of 8 dogs to provide more personal attention from the trainer. 
    Beginner This class is designed for dogs at least 3 months old with no previous obedience training.  The class focuses on basic behaviors such as sit, stay, down, heel, and come.  Owners do not bring their pets to the first class, in which training methods and the importance of positive reinforcement are discussed.
    Intermediate This class continues learning basic obedience behaviors, while using the behaviors in more challenging situations.  This includes completing behaviors off leash, standing while being examined, sitting and staying for extended periods of time.
Private Lessons One hour of personal training with the trainer  Private lessons can focus on a variety of obedience issues and can be completed in your home or at Barkington Inn. 
Open Field Socialization Jason supervises 2 hours of doggie socialization each week.  This treat is free of charge and is open to all two and four legged customers.  Parents are allowed to participate and socialize with other 2 legged customers.   All parents must sign an appropriate waiver and be up to date on all vaccination including a 6 month current Boretella vaccination.  This is a wonderful opportunity for 4 legged clients to learn proper manners with other 2 and 4 footed friends. Times change with the season so please call Jason at 281-338-7297 to verify times.

Click here to read comments from our very satisfied customers!


Jason with "Bruizer"

Jason Vasconi (trainer Barkington 1) with "Bear" in front of the
new outdoor training facility at the Webster location. 

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We would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to make reservations and appointments.

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Postal address: 203 Blossom, Webster, TX 77598
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